Orlando Taxis Simply Your Trip

Hiring an Orlando taxi makes sense when you figure in the range of services offered by most local taxi companies as well as their safety, convenience and potential cost savings


Whether you are trying to travel from McCoy International Airport in Orlando to a convention center or from an evening of nightclub hopping at Downtown Disney to your home, our Orlando-based taxi company can help. While we provide service in Orlando, we also deliver clients to and from outlying areas, as well. From Kissimmee or Disney World to Rock Lake or Meadow Woods and points in between, we can get you there safely and conveniently.


We take your schedule seriously and are dedicated to providing the most efficient service possible. If you are in a time crunch, feel free to schedule our service in advance so that all details and arrangements can be finalized before your trip.


We drop off and pick up at your door or in a convenient location of your choice. What could be easier than walking out of the airport and stepping directly into our taxi cab? You’ll bypass the shuttle lines or the car rental lines and the ensuing walk to the car rental garage. If your destination is to one of Orlando’s many theme parks, taking a taxi saves you the time and energy of going through a parking toll booth, driving into and around a parking garage and then waiting for a shuttle to the gate or walking endless yards to the theme park entrance.


In many circumstances, hiring an Orlando taxi service is the safest option. For locals out on the town or going to a special event where parking may be a distance away, taking a cab means not worrying about whether that glass of wine has impaired your senses or whether it’s safe to walk out to your car at night.

For travelers, using a taxi cab is an even greater safety measure. For those not familiar with the Orlando-area roads and highways, navigating from the airport to other parts of the region can be complicated. The network of toll roads, web of highways and unfamiliar neighborhoods can make driving yourself problematic. Orlando’s severe and sudden thunderstorms in the summertime can make even the simplest driving route nerve-wracking for uninitiated drivers.


During these times, cost is an important element to consider. Taking an Orlando taxi service will cost less than most rental cars, especially when you consider the toll roads and parking fees you will undoubtedly encounter during your stay.

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